Day 16: What keeps you up at night?


The one thing that keeps me up at night is my thoughts. My thoughts about tomorrow and the future all seem to come rushing to me when I try to sleep.

It could be 9pm or 5am when I am trying to sleep and the minute I close my eyes my mind starts to run. Most nights I am exhausted when I lay down and the second my mind starts to race I am wide awake.

The worst thoughts that I have are the ones of losing the people I love. The thought of one day losing my parents haunts me at night sometimes.

Another big one is the thought of school and financial status. I know that I should be living in the moment, but sometimes at night, all I can think about is what my future might have in store for me.

A lot of times I have to write in a journal so I can get things off of my mind so I can put my mind to rest for a little bit. Sometimes that works, but other times my mind either continues to race about what I had been thinking about previously or a new thought pops into my mind.

A lot of times good ideas come to my head late at night when my mind is swarming and a lot of good writing material comes to my head.

There are positives and negatives to staying up at night with the thoughts. A positive is that good idea’s come to my head a lot, but a consequence to that is sometimes I do not get much sleep due to being up so late.

My mind is the main source of what keeps me up at night and it is a blessing and a curse all in one.

Prompt from Pinterest
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