Day 17: How do you feel about last-minute changes?

Last minute changes to me really are not a big deal if the plans weren’t that official. If they were ones that were just thrown together last minute then if they change it isn’t that big of a deal. Plus, if they are last minute odds are I will be more excited if they get canceled then if they go through, introvert thoughts.

If the plans are something that has been planned out and talked about for a while then I feel kind of upset, but if the reason for the change is something really important then I can understand that.

The one thing that makes me actually mad about last-minute changes are when they are constant and there is no real explanation for them. There have been so many times that I had been let down by the same person for doing this.

If plans changing isn’t a consistent thing and it is for a good reason there is no reason to get mad.

Prompt from Pinterest
Word Count: 165

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