Day 18: Sisterly Advice

Drop a boy; Get a man. ~Gill

I am going to switch it up today because not many people are giving me prompt ideas and the people I have asked are having a hard time continuing to come up with some. Not just that, but the more I use prompts I don’t really want to write about the fewer words I type and I lose motivation.  So I am going to write about something that has been a really big topic in my life right now and that is relationships.

Mostly boys walking all over women. Keep in mind how I said, boys, because I cannot sit here and say with a straight face that these males are men.

Now I am not coming at the male species as a whole just the people I know that are doing what I am talking about because I cannot justify the entire male population off of the handful of males I know. You can also take what I am saying and put it for girls too because girls are not women and boys are not men and they do the same things.

Lately, I have been watching boys walk all over women and I do not like it. The sad thing is the women that they are walking all over are the ones that deserve the entire world.

Boys know how to manipulate and once they know that they have a woman wrapped around their finger they will use it to their advantage. They will tear a woman down until there is not much left of her. Her self-esteem will lower and she will become very dependent on him. That is all they want, they want to feel as though they have the upper hand and like the woman is dependent on them so she will not leave him because she believes she needs him.

Ladies realize the difference between a boy and a man. DO NOT let a boy tear you down so low that you never think you can live without them and you cannot find anyone better than them because then the man you deserve will be harder and sometimes you will never be able to find them because you are so hung up on this boy.

And women do not let a boy believe he can just be comfortable in your life and not work for the relationship. Let him know that he can leave just as easily as he came in if he doesn’t treat you with the utmost respect that you deserve.

Watching beautiful women in my life be tore down by boys who have nothing better to do than to tear them down is heartbreaking.

I will never sit here and act like I wasn’t one of those women who let a boy in to just tear me down, but when I started to realize the difference it became life changing and I was able to see what I deserve and found an amazing man, but it took time.

Not only should a woman learn the difference between a man and a boy, but a woman should also learn how to love and put themselves ahead of any male. Not just males, but a woman should learn to always love themselves ahead of everything. It will help to have self-love and be able to look in the mirror and tell yourself you love the woman looking back at you.

A woman doesn’t need a male to love themselves and she sure as hell does not need a little boy telling her what to do and how to feel.

Word Count: 165

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