Day 21: Plans for after October’s Challenge

Slow down.

I have realized that trying to make something every day is not as easy as I thought. I will still be trying to post every day, but if I do not have a good idea for that day I won’t post. Every day in October I tried to post something new and I have been doing good, but I have realized that a lot of what I am writing is just me rambling.

When October ends I want to begin to write more meaningful things. I want to start traveling, even if it is just to the park down the street and writing about it.

I would like to get ideas from people of what they would like to read about, but that has proven harder than what I thought it would be. This challenge has been fun and it was a great experience. It really did show me that I have to go at my own pace. If I continue at this pace I know I will burn out fast and not want to continue writing. It is something that I enjoy, but feeling like I don’t know what to write about and sometimes feeling as though I won’t be able to post is not fun to me.

So October as much as I wanted you to get here, I am ready for you to go.

Word Count: 229

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