Day 22: Keep your head up.

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go. ~Oscar Wilde

I know sometimes life can get hard sometimes, but keep your head up.

Those fairytales you read are made up in someone’s head, make your own. Take what you think love is and throw it out the window.

Do not have expectations.


If you expect something just know that the only thing that comes along with expectations are letdowns. Don’t expect anyone to point you in the right direction in your life.

Create your own path.

Even if it isn’t the right one, it will always teach you something.

You are the creator of your path, of your life, of your happiness, do not allow others to do that for you.

You deserve to say “no.”

Better yet, say “no” more.

Tell your past lover that they cannot have space in your life anymore, tell yourself you aren’t going to hate yourself today, say “no” to anyone who has hurt you because they deserve nothing from you.

Be in love with yourself.


Love the way you carry yourself, the way you think, the way you look. Love the way you look the minute you wake up, the way you act when you are alone and the way you are after a night out.

Take your time.

Go as slow as you believe you should go.

There will be people who try to rush things with you, don’t allow yourself to go any faster than what you are comfortable with. If they think you are going to slow, goodbye.

Believe in yourself.

Believe in your intuition.

If there is any feeling of doubt don’t let it linger either leave or talk to the person. Trust how you feel because a gut feeling is usually an honest feeling.

Be you.


Be yourself, no matter who you are around. Be crazy, be shy, be outgoing, be an introvert, be your genuine self. No matter what anyone says about who you are if you are being the most genuine you that you can be the right people will appreciate and love you for that.

Enjoy this life.


You get one life and it is time to start living: now. Not tomorrow, not a couple weeks from now, today. Live by day and not by the days that have already passed and the ones yet to come. Live in the moment and don’t let any moment just pass you by. Live while you are alive, do not just exist. Live before you die instead of living just to die.

Be happy.

Let that happiness emanate.

Be so happy that it is hard for the people around you to be unhappy. Never let anyone rain on your parade. If you are having a good day don’t let someone’s bad day ruin it especially if their bad days are every day.

Enjoy life, while being yourself and living life fully. And remain happy through whatever path you travel, whatever mountain you face and whoever tries to hurt you. All of these are lessons take them and use them to benefit you, grow and make life a lot better.

And always keep your head up.

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