Day 23: Stop waiting.

Stop waiting.

For what you believe is the “right time” because there is no such thing. Don’t wait until tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now because tomorrow isn’t promised.

Stop making excuses because soon that is all you will know. There will never be any steps forward if you keep walking in a circle.

Stop wading in the shallow end, get up and take a dive into the deep end. Feel the rush of water hit your face and at that moment realize you took the leap.

Stop letting anxiety get the best of you. Let the feeling of your heart pounding only encourage you. Let the feeling remind you that you are alive. Let the adrenaline take over your entire body and do the one thing that you keep waiting to do.

Stop waiting.

Because you never know when your last moment is going to be here.

Stop allowing your fears ruin the one life you have to live. Let those fears push you to do something you never imagined that you would and be able to walk away with the feeling of accomplishment.

Stop chasing people who deserve none of your presence. If someone hurts you, tell them. If you believe you have outgrown a lover or friend, leave them. Never wait just to keep them content because, in the end, you are only doing damage to yourself.

Stop allowing other people’s emotions dictate how you feel. If you are happy allow no one to stop that feeling and if someone causes anything less let them know, they will either fix it or leave.

Stop waiting.

On the perfect person to walk into your life, you won’t realize how truly perfect they are until the right time. Stop waiting for the storm to pass, get up and play in the rain. Stop waiting for an ex-lover or friend to come back into your life, they are in the past for a reason.

Stop wishing for a life that isn’t yours. Know that everyone has demons, they just carry them around differently. Make your life the one you want to live.

Stop watching the clock. Do not allow the time to pass while you are just watching it happen, do something that makes you forget time exist. Time goes by so fast already as it is, why would you want to spend it just watching the time pass by.

Stop wondering “what if.” Live in the moment you are in. You will never get the past back and you cannot tell the future so “what if” statements only cause unnecessary stress to the life you should be watering for flowers, not for weeds.

Stop waiting.

& just live.

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