About Gill

Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul and healthy to the body. ~ Proverbs 16:24

I believe in aliens, there is no way it is just us living in this universe.

Yes, my photo is of the most basic things one could find. Aesthetically pleasing though so I thought, why not?

What I should be doing right now is school work, but what am I doing? Typing to post on this forum.

At least I am doing something productive, right?

So yes, I am in school I go to Harrisburg Area Community College, better known as, HACC. I graduated from high school in 2016. I was going to Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania, but found out very quickly I did not like it. Just because I found that out fast does not mean that I left the college very quickly. It took me two years, in that institution, before I finally got the guts to tell my family I was leaving. Also, in those two years, I went through a couple majors, psychology and business to be exact, finally after two years I also told them I am doing journalism.

I went to HACC for a cheap alternative until I find another institution to transfer to. Since leaving Albright my passion for writing has only blossomed.

I was not always passionate about writing. To be completely honest, I was not into writing at all until fifth grade. My fifth-grade teacher really helped me realize my writing potential and sparked my interest in it. From that moment on I have had a passion for writing and it has only grown.

Enough about writing.

Let me tell you more personal things about myself.

I am a Libra, yes I am a little crazy, but I do have a very big heart.

I enjoy going to new places and exploring and also revisiting places I have been before. Becoming a traveling journalist is my goal, working for National Geographic is my dream. What is crazy is that I have never been outside of the country. All my friends make this joke about how I will probably be the one person that has panic attacks on the plane and passes out. I do suffer from anxiety, but even that will not stop me from pursuing my dream of traveling all over the place.

Right now I do try to stay local. One, because there is just so much here that I have not explored yet and two, because your girl is on a college budget.

Yes, I am a female, SURPRISE!

I live in Pennsylvania and I am a free spirit. I try to live every day like it could be the last. I hug too much and say “I love you” to the ones I love whenever I get the chance. I take trips, day trips are my favorite, whenever I can.

My biggest guilty pleasure is love. I love the thought of being in love. With that being said I have seen love fail, but I have also seen love blossom. I have seen the purest forms of love and I have seen the evil sides. No matter what I have seen or what I have been through

I will always believe in love and the power it can bring to humans.

Word Count: 545

Enjoy every moment of every day, even the smallest of ones. ~ Gill


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